Someone said I should … so I have.


A few people have suggested I start a blog – a place to put some of my wonderings and thoughts…. I call them my notes – snippets of my life where God has prompted me to type/write and these are the results. They’ve helped a few people in the past and I’m not really sure what my aim is on here but if this becomes a platform to which my ramblings and thoughts can encourage and inspire people to go deeper with Jesus then great! But I want to be clear I’m sure any wisdom or inspiration you find on here is not from me, but the one who created me and uses my words to speak to you. So take them or leave them, I offer them to you with little care for what happens to me but if you are able to soar higher with God and to see more of His kingdom in your life then maybe this blog has a purpose…. we’ll see.



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